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What is Contribution of Ernesto Domingo in science?

Dr. Ernesto O. Domingo organized and led the Liver Study Group in the University of the Philippines until his retirement in 2001. The group did major studies on viral hepatiti (MORE)
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Did Ernesto Galarza have children?

Yes, Ernesto actually had about 5 and a half children. But in 1978 they all died in a house fire, but luckily Ernesto made it out. This is why he committed suicide in 1984.
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Barrio boy by ernesto galarza and no gumption by Russell baker how are these two memoirs similar?

Both of the boys must work hard because their families are poor.  They lived around the same time periods (20th century). They both  went through so many struggles, but in t (MORE)

What was the poem Parrots by Ernesto Cardenal about?

In a word: Imperialism.   Check how many times the United States had invaded Nicaragua in the 19th century, how many dictatorships, bands of murderers and adventurers had b (MORE)