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How do you get Zone 6 and 7 in sonny 2?

  Zone 6 - Unlocked by playing through Zone 1-5 on Challenging or Heroic.   Zone 7 - Unlocked by gaining the Legendary achievement, defeating the Mayor without repeatin (MORE)
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What are the male erogenous zones?

It can vary from person to person, but the big ones that should be true to all guys would be; behind the ears, neck, inner thigh, and of course the groin. That being said, t (MORE)

How do you get to zone 6 in Sonny 2?

If you want to get to Zone 6, you have to play through Zones 1~5 in Heroic Mode. But if you also want to get to Zone 7, you have to get the legendary acheivement, playing thro (MORE)
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How many erogenous zones do woman have?

The amount of erogenous zones that women have depends very much on the individual. Arms, eyelids, shoulders, hands and feet are all examples of erogenous zones but it would de (MORE)

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