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Who is Eros?

Eros in Greek Mythology was the god who got Gaia and her son together. He was call Cupid to the Romans. Eros was aphrodite son

Who is Eros' father?

Answer \n. \nEros is a self born deity before the time of creation and was known also as Phanes. The Romans named him Amor or Cupid and was an escort of Aphrodite.Some sa (MORE)

What is an Eros relationship?

The Eros types tend to have string physical attraction to one another as well as having a sense of inevitability about the relationship. A feeling that the relationship was me (MORE)

Who is Eros' son?

Eros had no son, only a daughter by Psyche. Her name was Hedone (pleasure) or Voluptas in Latin.

What were the siblings of Eros?

Eros, the primordial deity, either emerged at creation without mother or father, was the child of Chaos (Gap) alone, or Nyx (Night) alone, or Nyx and Erebos (Darkness). Ero (MORE)

What is eros strengths?

His strengths are that he is beautiful, and inspiring. Well let's just hope you got the correct answer with whatever you are working on... especially h.w.

What was eros?

Eros is the son of Aphrodite, either her son by Ares (he is also called Anteros), or she was born pregnant with him and his twin Himeros.