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How is Eros related to Zeus?

zeus was related to eros because aphrodite which is eros mother is the daughter of zeus
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Who is the Greek god of love also known as eros?

Eros is the Greek god of love. Eros was also associated with the  Roman god of love named Cupid.
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What is Eros Philia and agape?

Philia is the love we feel for our friends, family, and things. It's a love that is dispassionate, that can be applied to animals as well as activities. This is the basic kind (MORE)

How did Eros and Psyche fall in love?

Eros was supposed to scratch Psyche with one of his arrows in the presence of an ugly man, which would make her fall in love with that man. Instead, when Eros saw her beauty, (MORE)

Who was Eros wife?

Aphrodite was Eros's mother.   He did not have a wife in the Greek myth. However in a Roman story he was married to Psyche.   Psyche was first Eros's lover then after a (MORE)

Did rose come from the anagram of eros?

No, it did not. Although it is an anagram for Eros, the actual word  came from the Latin word rosa. Rosa goes back even further to the  word rhodon, which had Greek origins. (MORE)
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What does Ero kamano mean?

In the Dholuo language of African origin, "Ero kamano" has the  meaning of "Thank you."
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