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What is another word for erratic?

  aberrant, abnormal, anomalous, arbitrary, bizarre, capricious, changeable, desultory, devious, dicey, directionless, dubious, eccentric, fitful, flaky*, fluctuant, idios (MORE)

What does the word erratic mean?

  Erratic adj irregular, inconsistent, wandering around.   Erratic noun an erratic is a rock which does not originate where it was found. It was picked up by a glacier (MORE)
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What is an erratic boulder?

  An erratic boulder is a boulder of rock which is of a different type than the local rocks. Erratic boulders are ofter more correctly termed glacial erractics as they wer (MORE)

What does driving erratically mean?

Driving erratically means not maintaining a steady speed , weaving in and out of traffic,or drifting from side to side in a lane. It is dangerous to other drivers because it i (MORE)
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How do glacial erratics form?

Glacial erratics aren't exactly formed. They were deposited by glaciers that were moving in that area at one time. improved= Glacial erratics are exactly formed. Because a gl (MORE)
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What is an erratic?

An erratic is a rock fragment that was carried by glaciers and deposited some distance from its source. Erratics are generally found sitting on top of rocks of different age a (MORE)

What is erratic rainfall?

Not entirely certain but, I would say from the definition of the word erratic, erratic rainfall refers to unpredictable rainfall. Non-uniform rainfall. Like when you know its (MORE)

What rhymes with erratic?

2 syllables: attic, matic, mattick, static 3 syllables: aquatic, asthmatic, climatic, dogmatic, dramatic, ecstatic, emphatic, fanatic, hepatic, lymphatic, phosphatic, pneum (MORE)