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What is erratic rainfall?

Not entirely certain but, I would say from the definition of the word erratic, erratic rainfall refers to unpredictable rainfall. Non-uniform rainfall. Like when you know its (MORE)
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What are erratics?

Erratics are rocks of different sizes that are not the same from the glacial bedrock. This is usually mistaken with moraines which are glacial deposits, unsorted and unlayered (MORE)

Where are erratic?

Erratic adj irregular, inconsistent, wandering around.. Erratic noun an erratic is a rock found where it does not belong. Many millenia ago it was carried on a glacier f (MORE)
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What is an erratic?

An erratic is a rock fragment that was carried by glaciers and deposited some distance from its source. Erratics are generally found sitting on top of rocks of different age a (MORE)
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What is an erratic boulder?

An erratic boulder is a boulder of rock which is of a different type than the local rocks. Erratic boulders are ofter more correctly termed glacial erractics as they were gene (MORE)
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How is an erratic formed?

An erratic rock could be formed in any number of ways and could be of any type of rock. An erratic is simply a non-native rock; one that was transported and deposited, usually (MORE)

Is erratic an adjective?

Yes, it is. It is related to the adjective 'wandering' and meansinconsistent, unguided, or eccentric.
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What rhymes with erratic?

2 syllables: attic, matic, mattick, static 3 syllables: aquatic, asthmatic, climatic, dogmatic, dramatic, ecstatic, emphatic, fanatic, hepatic, lymphatic, phosphatic, pneu (MORE)

Is erratic a noun?

The word 'erratic' is a noun related to geology; a word fora large rock that does not match the rocks or rock formations inits surroundings and is believed to have been depo (MORE)

How are erratics made?

Erratics are large boulders that have been transported by glaciers, and often deposited a considerable distance from their origin. For example, there are erratics in the count (MORE)