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Is Jennifer Garner related to James garner?

No. Jennifer Garner is NOT related to James Garner This particular Jennifer Garner is not related, but I think James Garner does have a daughter named Jennifer. In the late (MORE)

Who portrayed Errol Flynn in the aviator?

Flynn was not an aviator. he did resemble the lead character Howard Hughes as far as being slender and with a mustache. I don"t recall Flynn being one of the Hughes stable of (MORE)

Did Errol Flynn have a son?

Sean Leslie Flynn was the only child from the marriage of actors Errol Flynn and Lili Damita . Born May 31 , 1941 , disappeared April 6 , 1970 , believed captured by fa (MORE)

Did Errol Flynn have any children?

Here's the list: Sean Flynn by Lili Damita Flynn Deirdre and Rory Flynn (girls) by Nora Eddington Flynn Arnella Flynn by Patrice Wymore Flynn and according to one author, Jame (MORE)

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