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How do you use erudite in sentence?

"Erudite" is an adjective meaning learned or scholarly. In modern usage, it implies a level of uncommon refinement and sophistication. Common sentence usage: My English Lite (MORE)

The word erudite in a sentence?

the word erudite can be used in a sentence like.............well the you go theres a sentence for the word erudite The young lady was less than erudite in the phrasing of her (MORE)

Can you use erudition in a sentence?

Erudition will get you nowhere in this contest, as the subject of all the quiz questions will be pop culture trivia. The police aren't typically known for their erudition , (MORE)
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What does wise and erudite mean?

wise - having the experience and judgment to know what is true and right. erudite - having extensive scholarship, learning and knowledge. wise and erudite - having the k (MORE)

What is erudite English?

erudite English would mean scholarly English, the King's English, learned English. Erudite means - learned, well-informed, well-educated, well-versed, literate, well-read, (MORE)
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Is erudite a noun?

No, erudite is an adjective used to describe someone who has a lot of knowledge.
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What is meant by the word erudition?

Erudition has the meaning of superior knowledge of a person, superior scholar results and flourishing level of information. Erudition is also the process of learning, understa (MORE)

Why did Tris not choose Erudite in Divergent?

Tris didn't choose Erudite because she believed, as she was taught from her father, that the Erudite are 'bad', they were tearing down her old faction with lies and rumors, an (MORE)