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How did Erwin rommel die?

German General Erwin Rommel was forced to commit suicide by cyanide  pill on Oct 14, 1944. He was given the choice of killing himself or  face court martial and execution; t (MORE)

What major league players use dinger bats?

  There are several players that use Dinger Bats but the most exclusive player would be Hunter Pence, he has used Dinger since spring training and continued so far this se (MORE)

What was Erwin Chargaff contributions?

Erwin Chargaff proposed two main rules in his lifetime which were appropriately named Chargaff's rules. The first and best known achievement was to show that in natural DNA th (MORE)

Who was Erwin Rommel?

Who was Erwin Rommel?Erwin Rommel (15 Novemver 1891 - 14 October 1944) was a German general who rose to fame as commander of the Axis forces fighting the British in North Afri (MORE)

What happened to Erwin Rommel's family?

His son Manfred was the Mayor of Stuttgart for 26 years, from 1974-1996. He is still alive at 81 and still gives speeches, even though he has Parkinsons. He is a member of the (MORE)

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Where did Erwin Schrodinger live?

Vienna, Austria is where Erwin Schrodinger was born and where he  died. In between, he lived for a while in Zurich, Switzerland;  Berlin, Germany; Oxford, England; Graz, Aus (MORE)
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When did Erwin Schrodinger live?

Erwin Schrodinger, the Austrian physicist, lived from August 12,  1887 to January 4, 1961. He passed away in Vienna, Austria at the  age of 73.
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