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Who is esau in Old Testament?

Esau is the son of Isaac and the twin brother of Jacob. He is born in Genesis chapter 25, but if you keep reading through 27 you'll get more of his story. He is noted to be pa (MORE)

Was Jacob or Esau married in the Bible?

Yes. Jacob was married to both Rachel and Leah(Genesis 29:9-29). His sons became the heads of the twelve tribes of Israel. Esau married Judith(Oholibamah?) and Basemath(Ada (MORE)

How did esau die?

His head was cut off by Chushim, the deaf and dumb son of Dan. After living in Egypt for 17 years, Jacob died and was taken to Canaan to be buried, but Esau attempted by force (MORE)

Who are the descendents of Esau?

A:According to Genesis 32:3, the earliest descendants of Esau were the Edomites, although anthropologists give no credence to the Edomite descent from Esau. Later known as the (MORE)
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Are the Babylon founders descendants of Esau?

The Nations of Esau: Ancient Times Edomite elements were later to be found amongst colored peoples but on the whole Esau (Edom) is of Caucasian type and proud of it. Esau (MORE)

Why did Esau desire to kill Jacob?

Because Jacob devised a plan to get his birthright, first. Then when Isaac was old, he intended to bless Esau. Jacob, with the help of his mother Rachel, tricked Isaac into bl (MORE)

How did Jacob wrong esau in the bible?

In the Bible, Jacob wronged Esau because he "stole" the blessing his father was going to give to Esau (Genesis 27:1-40) . Jacob did this by pretending to be Esau. He lied to h (MORE)

What does the story of Jacob and Esau symbolize?

Answer:   For your consideration. The story of these two individuals can  also symbolize a form of "Election". That is to say God selecting  certain individuals to fulfi (MORE)
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What did God promise Esau?

Nothing. God spoke to Jacob but never to Esau. Isaac, Esau's father, promised (prophesied) that Esau would have a fruitful land and would have successes in war (living by th (MORE)