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Who are the descendents of Esau?

A: According to Genesis 32:3, the earliest descendants of Esau were the Edomites, although anthropologists give no credence to the Edomite descent from Esau. Later known as t (MORE)

Who were the descendants of Esau?

The descendants of Esau are listed in Genesis ch. 36 (see attached Related Link). They lived in Edom, also known as mount Seir (ibid.), which is identified with Petra in south (MORE)

Where did Esau die?

Tradition is that he died at the entrance of the Machpelah cave (the cave described in Genesis ch.23).

Where did Esau move to?

Esau took his family to the land of Seir (Genesis ch.36), where he intermarried with the Horites and gradually became dominant. This is the region of Petra, in southern Jordan (MORE)

How did esau die?

His head was cut off by Chushim, the deaf and dumb son of Dan. After living in Egypt for 17 years, Jacob died and was taken to Canaan to be buried, but Esau attempted by force (MORE)

What race was esau?

Esau was Jacob's twin brother. They were Shemites.. The Jewish race wasn't officially Jewish until Jacob had his 12 sons which are the forefathers of all Jewish people of the (MORE)

Are the Babylon founders descendants of Esau?

The Nations of Esau: Ancient Times Edomite elements were later to be found amongst colored peoples but on the whole Esau (Edom) is of Caucasian type and proud of it. Esau (MORE)

Was Esau a Caucasian?

Easu was a hairy red man according to Genesis 25:25. The pride of thine heart hath deceived thee, thou that dwellest in the clefts of therock , whose habitation is hig (MORE)