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Who invented the escalator?

Answer   Jesse Reno   He installed it as an amusement ride at Coney Island, New York, in 1897. It was little more than an inclined belt with wooden slats or cleats on (MORE)

What are facts about escalators?

There are an estimated 30,000 working elevators in the US. They can  move between one and two feet per second. The first escalator was  used at the Paris Exhibition of 1900. (MORE)

What are escalators?

  If you want to see one, you should go to a mall.   It is, like, steps that move upward. You step on it and it moves you to the next floor, but it's not like an elevat (MORE)

What is the escalation process?

Going from a pistol to a rifle, then from a rifle to a machine gun, then from a machine gun to a tank, is an example of "escalation." Which is just about what happened in Viet (MORE)

Do you walk on an escalator?

Depends. Do you want to hurry? or are you just going on an escalator? if you need to go somewhere quick, you walk/run. If you are just going through to get pizza or something, (MORE)