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Where was the first escalator installed?

  The firsy escalator was installed around 1859 at Coney Island in New York !   I only know becasue I'm doing a report on inventions of America... hope i helped !   (MORE)

What is price escalation?

The summation of all cost factors in the distribution channel including ex-works price, shipping costs, tariffs, and distributor mark-up

When did LBJ escalate the Vietnam war?

Multiple events contributed by LBJ escalated the Vietnam War. The first was National Security Memorandum #273 of 11/26/63, which authorized covert operations against North Vie (MORE)

Why was invented the escalator?

All aboard, okay, next stop, my basement... haha I'll meet you down there There once was a saying that I used to say Back in the day when I met Dre I used to sit and go (MORE)

Significance of escalation in the war?

Escalation is the administration's title for it at the time, same as the term "incursion" was substituted for the word "invasion" when US forces entered Cambodia on 01 May 197 (MORE)