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What are escalators?

  If you want to see one, you should go to a mall.   It is, like, steps that move upward. You step on it and it moves you to the next floor, but it's not like an elevat (MORE)

What is escalation of force?

Escalation of force is increasing the amount of military power being used. It was a critical concept during the cold war, as escalating too rapidly could lead to nuclear war. (MORE)

What is the mucus escalator?

Also referred to as the mucociliary escalator; covers bronchi, bronchioles, and nose in the respiratory tract. It is composed of the mucus-secreting goblet cells and ciliated (MORE)
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Is an Escalator a noun?

Yes, it is a concrete noun since you can use one of your five senses to detect it.
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What is escalation matrix?

Escalation matrices are used as a hierarchy system in case of major  issues. They contain multiple user contacts that can be contacted  in a certain order should something g (MORE)