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About how much does an escalator weigh?

The weight of an escalator can vary as it is dependent upon the  size of the escalator. Typically they weigh about 18,000 lbs. or  more on average.
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What was the escalation policy of the US?

Hi my name is Mrs.Nealson, an 8th grade social studies teacher; The ecalation policy of the U.S. is when equal rights became a law. But most men didn't believe equal rights wa (MORE)

What is price escalation?

The summation of all cost factors in the distribution channel including ex-works price, shipping costs, tariffs, and distributor mark-up
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What is the origin of the word escalator?

It is the American/English trade name of the Otis elevator company. Derived from a French word - escolade - meaning 'to assault a fortification with ladders, coined in the ear (MORE)

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What did the Escalation of the war in Vietnam began with?

The Vietnam War really began with the Gulf of Tonkin incident, which was the attack on the USS Maddox by Communist North Vietnamese naval forces. This was the impetus for the (MORE)

What year were escalators invented?

An escalator is a conveyor type transport device that moves people. It is a moving staircase with steps that move up or down using a conveyor belt and tracks keeping each step (MORE)