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What is escape velocity?

It's a sort of limiting speed. If you throw anything up from Earth at a speed of less than 11.2 km/sec, it will fall back to Earth. If you throw it up at a greater speed, it w (MORE)

Who escaped from Sodom?

The only people to escape the fire at Sodom was Lot and his two daughters, his wife looked back and was turned into a pillar of salt.
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What is the concept of escapability?

The concept of escapability involves a temporal the degree of escapability is determined by the time period required before a particular cost can be avoided. Ma (MORE)

Who escaped in the great escape?

Flight Lieutenant Danny Velinski DFC RAF played by Charles Bronson Flying Officer Sedgwick RAAF played by James Coburn Flight Lieutenant William 'Willie' Dickes RAF played by (MORE)

What is escape literature?

Escape literature is a literature written for entertainment, and provide little or no insights on the nature of human life or behavior.
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Did Hitler escape?

There is no physical evidence that Hitler killed himself. The possibility of an escape is just as likely as a suicide.
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In Macbeth

How did fleance escape?

he ran away after the three murderers killed his father, banquo. it is said that he fled from scotland, through england, and into wales.

How do you escape a spanking?

you just run and hide or deal with it or run out the door as fast as you can and got to a friends house and hide from a local KID for the parent prompt the kid dont hit for th (MORE)

How do you escape bankruptcy?

There are ways we can escape from bankruptcy; Selling some of your  assets. Sell whatever you can spare and use the money to pay off  your debts.Ask creditors to help you av (MORE)