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What is an escrow account?

An escrow account is an account controlled by someone who is not aparty to the transaction (often a broker in a real estatetransaction or one party's attorney in a business tr ( Full Answer )
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What are the benefits of an escrow account?

Answer . Escrow is a a deposit of money and instruments by two or more persons with a third person, which are held by him until certain conditions are met. The process by w ( Full Answer )
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How does a seller open an escrow account?

Answer . I'm a little confused by this question. An escrow account is used to finance your annual home owner taxes and insurance into a monthly payment with your mortgage. ( Full Answer )
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What is a mortgage escrow account?

Answer . An escrow account associated with a mortgage is an account that is maintained by the mortgage holder and funded by the mortgagee. Part of the monthly mortgage pa ( Full Answer )
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What is the concept of escrow account?

An escrow account is funds put aside for a future liability.. Two common examples relating to a home:. If you bought a house and there was a repair needed to be done and pai ( Full Answer )
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What do you do with a escrow account that has a surplus?

A simple escrow account that has a surplus at the end of year hasthe surplus carried over. Many times, the payment to the account isreduced to make the account even again.
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What are the types of escrow account?

Escrow accounts hold money before it is disbursed for a specificpurpose. One type of escrow account is established by the purchaserto hold funds before the purchase. Another t ( Full Answer )
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What is escrow account?

An escrow account is an account in which the earnest money will be held until closing.
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What is a escrow coded account?

can anyone tell me what a escrow coded account is, and if so the terms of such an account in respect of it being dormant for less than 60 days, and whether a fee is charged to ( Full Answer )
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What is escrow account in spanish?

cuenta de depósito en garantía, cuenta custodial, cuenta de garantía bloqueada, cuenta de plica, cuenta en plica, cuenta mancomunada;