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How do you get legal bud?

They compress a multitude of different herbs together into a bud shape and are often impossible to roll with due to bits of stem and foilage, I wouldn't recommend spending £3 (MORE)

Who was Bud Billiken?

Bud Billiken was a fictious person created by author, Willard Motley, who one wrote a column for the Chicago Defender. Bud Billiken is the Guardian Angel of Black children, cr (MORE)

Why is bud called Bud Not Buddy?

Bud is the start of a beautiful flower. Buddy is something bud's mom said never let anyone call you that no matter what. Bud never tells anyone why its bud, because he's embar (MORE)

How does budding happen?

Budding is a form of reproduction. It is asexual reproduction that  occurs when a cell divides at a certain place. The result is a bud,  or growth, from this bud a new organ (MORE)
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What are auxiliary buds?

The bud that develops in axil of a leaf or plant
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What are butter buds?

Used as a topping or as an ingredient in low fat cooking or baking, it contains the flavor of butter without the fat or cholesterol. Since it contains dehydrated butter, it wo (MORE)

What does bud bud ding ding mean?

The phrase is an ethnic comment regarding immigrants from East India, pertaining to the stereotypical employment of Indians or Pakistanis as motorbus drivers.
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What are lavender buds?

Lavender buds are the unopened flower buds of the lavender plant. They are most commonly dried and used for their fragrance, but they can also be used as flavoring in foods. (MORE)