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Why is bud called Bud Not Buddy?

Bud is the start of a beautiful flower. Buddy is something bud's mom said never let anyone call you that no matter what. Bud never tells anyone why its bud, because he's embar (MORE)

How does budding happen?

Budding is a form of reproduction. It is asexual reproduction that  occurs when a cell divides at a certain place. The result is a bud,  or growth, from this bud a new organ (MORE)

What are butter buds?

Used as a topping or as an ingredient in low fat cooking or baking, it contains the flavor of butter without the fat or cholesterol. Since it contains dehydrated butter, it wo (MORE)

What are lavender buds?

Lavender buds are the unopened flower buds of the lavender plant. They are most commonly dried and used for their fragrance, but they can also be used as flavoring in foods. (MORE)

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