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What is Essentialization?

The assumption that the group or groups studied are an already constituted, coherent group with identical interests, desires, cognitive properties, etc.; identified prior to a (MORE)

Why is oxygen essential?

Oxygen is essential for aerobic cellular respiration, the process by which cells get energy from food. If we are deprived of oxygen, aerobic respiration will cease, and we wil (MORE)

Why is calcium essential?

Calcium is: . in the form of calcium carbonate the structural mineral component of bone providing their strength . in the forms of calcium carbonate and calcium phosphate (MORE)
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Why is sleep essential?

Sleep is essential because it gives our bodies a good relaxing rest after a day's work or partying or whatever. This helps us function in day to day life, and if we had no sle (MORE)
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Why water is essential?

Water is a vital and essential necessatie to every human being as it flows and corcuits blood around your body and 80% of an individuals body is made up of water which helps w (MORE)

Why microscope is essential?

The invention of the microscope has opened up a whole new dimension in science. By using microscopes scientists were able to discover the existence of microorganisms, study (MORE)
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What is essential in poetry?

Apart from the language and theme which are standard, emotions are the essentials to poetry. Poetry is the outflow of emotions evolved from close and precise observations.
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Who are essential and non essential workers?

The US government makes a distinction between essential andnon-essential workers. The US government cannot operate withoutessential workers like Congressmen and key-holders. N (MORE)