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What are essential fatty acids?

  EFAs     Essential fatty acids (EFAs) are fats that are required by the human body. We need to get through our diet or through supplements.     The two s (MORE)

Can you get essential Omega-3 fatty acids from something other than fish oil?

  Non-Fish Omega-3 Acids     Yes, you can get all the essential fatty acids from non-fish sources, even vegan sources. However, it isn't necessarily the easiest o (MORE)
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What are the essential fatty acids and why they called essential?

  Fatty acids that cannot be prepared within an organism by any known chemical pathways; and therefore must be obtained from the diet and hence are called essential fatty (MORE)

Difference between essential and non essential fatty acids?

Essential fatty acids are fatty acids the body lacks the ability to  manufacture and needs to obtain from the diet. The two fatty acids  designated as essential are linoleic (MORE)

What is the difference between fatty acids and free fatty acids?

Free fatty acids are those long chain acids (fatty acids) that are  not conjugated or attached to anything else. That is, they are  "free", and not bound. Fatty acids that a (MORE)
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What makes a fatty acid an acid?

The carboxylic acid group (-COOH) on one end of the molecule  makes it an acid. The variable length hydrocarbon chain of the  molecule makes it "fatty".
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