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How do you establish copyright?

Copyright is automatic, as soon as the work is fixed in a tangible medium. If formal registration is available in your country, this can be a good way to formally establish wh (MORE)

Why was Georgia established?

James Oglethorpe thought that the poor (such as people living in jails) should have better lives. He also believed that it was to crowded in England for so many people, so th (MORE)

What was NATO and why was it established?

NATO stands for North Atlantic Treaty Organization, so it means it was established when they signed a treaty. The purpose of NATO was to keep North American and European count (MORE)

What is the abbreviation for established?

  On Historical Markers and government signs, it's listed as est. Established is defined as having brought about or accepted. This  can also be used to mean to have set u (MORE)

Why was the imf established?

International Monetary Fund is an International Organization which  was instituted in 1945. Its stated goal was to help in  reconstruction International repayment System aft (MORE)

Who established the Internet?

ARPANET, the original networking system that would soon become the  internet, was established by the government organization ARPA. This  organization enlisted the help of Vi (MORE)
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Is established a noun?

No, the word 'established' is the past participle, past tense of  the verb to establish. The past participle also functions as  an adjective.   EXAMPLES:   That gang (MORE)
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Who established Iran?

Iran was established when the Medes empire was formed with the Achaemenid empire. Cyrus the Great joined the two empires and established Persia, which was the biggest empire t (MORE)

How was Washington established?

Washington DC? Washington, the state? Washington, George? Washington DC - Alexander Hamilton made a compromise with farmers who showed dissent towards his policies. He comprom (MORE)

How you establish a company?

To answer that question I first have to consider what place you are starting from. For the sake of this post I will assume that you are starting from the absolute beginning. (MORE)