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When was Italy established?

answer: John Travolto in 1623 Answer: The Reign of Italy was proclaimed in March 17, 1861, but the unity of Italy as a country has been actually achieved only after the end (MORE)

When was Fiji established?

Fiji as a nation was established in October of 1970. It is locatedin Melanesia about 1,100 miles northeast of the North Island of NewZealand.
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When was slavery established?

Slavery has existed before written history. Slavery existed in theUnited States in the first permanent colony, Jamestown. The firstslaves were brought there in 1619.

Why was WHO established?

The WHO, or World Health Organization, was established in 1948 todeal with public health issues. They are headquartered in Geneva,Switzerland.

Why did they establish Auschwitz?

For exterminating the Jewish people. It was the largest of all ofthe death camps that were set up before and during World War 2.Millions of innocent men, women and children we (MORE)

Why colleges are established?

In the colonial times there was an esteemed value of education. People believed that college is the key to success, better mobility, and a better life. Education could make (MORE)

Why was inquisition established?

There was big money for those church leaders who tortured heretics. Greed is the primary cause of the Inquisition.
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When was Purim established?

The oldest mention of Purim is from the first century historian Josephus, who mentions the origins of Purim in his book: "Antiquities of the Jews." He follows the Hebrew Book (MORE)
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Why was Google established?

Because people have the right of information and freedom of choice. You could ask this with anything like " Why was Microsoft established?" If was a great idea and there wasn' (MORE)