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What you need to be a real estate agent?

First you have to make sure what is missing and what you need  because it may vary from one person to another   Second, you need a license and for that you must have the (MORE)

What degree do you have to have to be a real estate agent?

  You don't need a degree. However, you do need to undertake several courses and pass examinations in them in order to obtain a licence and act as an agent trading in real (MORE)

What training is there that can do to become a Estate Agent?

Answer . The term estate agent is used in the UK while in the US one would say real estate agent or Realtor.. Depending on where one wants to conduct their business the ed (MORE)

What is the income for a Real-estate agent?

Real estate agents' salary depends on the experience they have in the industry. For real estate salesperson, most of them are given allowances and earn commissions whenever (MORE)

Can a banker be a real estate agent?

Yes, a banker can be. He/She can be Salesperson. But, he can also take e-learning courses for broker agents and then continuing education. Theses courses can be found at 360tr (MORE)

How do you become a real estate agent?

Here's some info published by the U.S. Department of Labor: In every State and the District of Columbia, real estate brokers and sales agents must be licensed. Prospective age (MORE)

Who does a Real estate agent represent?

either the buyer or seller of a property There are several types of representation that a real estate agent may be hired to perform. The agent can be retained in a single agen (MORE)

Do estate agents lie?

Estate agents are people and any person can lie. It depends on the individual. You should request that anything the agent claims is put in writing. If the agent balks at that (MORE)