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Where was estevanico born?

Estevanico was born in Morocco sometime around the year 1500. He  passed away in Hawikuh Ruins, New Mexico in 1539. His other known  names were Esteban the Moor and Esteban (MORE)

When did estevanico die and where?

Estevanico died on 1539. This is how he died. Estevanico's chief took away all his possessions and put in a house on the edge of the town without food or water. The next morni (MORE)

Why was Estevanico important?

because he was the 1st know person born in Africa to have arrived in the present day continental USA. He was sold to Andres de Dorantes He was the one out of the only 4 that w (MORE)
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When and where did estevanico live?

He lived in Morocco, North Africa and was born 1500. Dies 1539. I  dont know how lond he lived here bout he was born there and i am  looking for more information to find out (MORE)
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When did Estevanico sail?

Estevanico sailed for the New World in 1527. Please access the related link below for more info:
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What was the significance of estevanIco?

Well it all started with the search for the Seven Cities of Cíbola. Estavanico was to send a runner back with a cross to describe the size of the cities. Several days later, (MORE)