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What is hello is estonian?

Hello -> Tere! Good morning -> Tere hommikust! Good afternoon -> Tere päevast! Good evening -> Tere õhtust!
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Are Finnish and Estonian Dravidian languages?

No, neither Finnish nor Estonian is a Dravidian language. Dravidian languages are predominately spoken in South Asia, whereas Finnish and Estonian are closely related Uralic l ( Full Answer )
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What is estonian money?

From 2011 Estonian money is Euro, before that it was Estonina Crown and in Soviet times ruble.
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What is an Estonian Hound?

The Estonian Hound is a medium size dog with a strong muscular body, strong bone structure and well-developed muscles. The Estonian Hound is always happy and pleasant. It is b ( Full Answer )
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What is welcome in Estonian?

Welcome is 'Tere tulemast' in Estonian. It is pronounced TEH-reh TU-leh-must. Your welcome is Palun, which also means 'please'. It is pronounced PAH-lun
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What religion did estonians have?

Most Estonians are not religious, but many of the ones who are, happen to be Lutheran. They have the highest rate of atheism in Europe.
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What is the estonian religion?

There are some Christians there, but a lot of the people in the country are not any religion.
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Where is Estonian?

Estonia is in the north of Europe: the Gulf of Finland is on thenorth of it, Russia is on the east, and Latvia is on the south, theBaltic Sea is on the west of it. The capital ( Full Answer )