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Define the doctrine of promissory estoppel?

Promissory estoppel arises when a person makes a promise not to insist on, or enforce, his legal rights against another (or his clear and unequivocal representation lead anoth (MORE)

What is a tenant estoppel agreement?

A tenant estoppel agreement is between the seller of the property and purchaser, which may have specific terms, such as the terms of the lease for that tenant - for example, t (MORE)

What is the doctrine of estoppel?

An estoppel is a preclusion, in law, which prevents a man from alleging or denying a fact, in consequence of his own previous act, allegation or denial of a contrary tenor. (MORE)

What is the difference concepts between fraudulent misrepresentation and promissory estoppell?

Promissory estoppel is enforcement of a promise even where there is no binding contract. What you must prove for promissory estoppel vairous from state ot state, but usually i (MORE)

The meaning estoppel in real estate?

Here is an excerpt from a previous topic regarding estoppel. I take no credit for this definition, but believe it will accurately address your inquiry. A doctrine (MORE)

What is a homeowners association estoppel fee?

This is a fee charge by the HOA or Property Management Co. to remove one owner from (typically a seller) and add a new owner into (typically a buyer) an HOA.  In NW Florida i (MORE)

Is proprietary estoppel dead?

Proprietary Estoppel is not dead. It has its usefulness and is still relevant today. Please see Taylor Fashions Ltd v Liverpool Victoria Trustees Co Ltd [1984] QB 133. This ca (MORE)