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What is a Promissory Estoppel?

The mortgage co. has so many days required by law to respond to the request in writing to establish the pay-off amount of mortgage note with validation if they fail to do so t ( Full Answer )
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What is an estoppel letter?

An estoppel letter is typically used in a transfer or conveyance of real property before the Closing transaction. It is a document sent to a bank (or other lender), from a hom ( Full Answer )
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What is the doctrine of estoppel?

An estoppel is a preclusion, in law, which prevents a man from alleging or denying a fact, in consequence of his own previous act, allegation or denial of a contrary tenor. ( Full Answer )
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What does estoppel mean?

A rule of evidence which precludes a person from denying the truth of some statement made by him of the existence of facts whether existing or not which he has by words or con ( Full Answer )
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Who prepares an estoppel letter?

Typically, the management company or treasurer of an HOA or Condo association prepares the Estoppel Letter, Form, or Certificate.
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Agency by estoppel?

\nLegally binding agency relationship that may arise where, in fact, no formal agency agreement is in effect. A principal may give an appearance of agency relationship by, for ( Full Answer )
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Distinquish between equitable estoppel and ordinary estoppel?

Estoppel may be a matter of law; it may also be claimed because of a loss of money or value (equity) by either party. A party is estopped (prevented) because the law indicates ( Full Answer )
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Concept of Estoppel in Agency contract?

Estoppel in contract: restraint; a bar. Estoppel arises where a person has done some act that the policy of the law will not permit him to deny, or where circumstances are suc ( Full Answer )
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What is a landlord Estoppel Certificate?

It can mean where an estoppel certificate is required of a landlord (they can are also sometimes required of the tenant), where the landlord is required to make certain repres ( Full Answer )
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What does a promissory estoppel do?

Promissory estoppel is when a person makes a false statement to another and the listener relies on what was told to him/her in good faith and to his/her disadvantage.