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What is an estuary animal life?

"An estuary is a coastal body of water that is semi-enclosed, has a clear access to the ocean and at least one river or stream flowing into it. Because estuaries are transitio (MORE)

What are facts about estuaries?

Estuaries are partially enclosed water. They are were fresh water from inland meets denser salt water. They have complex food webs that start with the microscopic bacteria in (MORE)

Where are estuaries found?

Estuaries are found on the coast where a river or bay or another source of fresh water has access to the open sea. Example: It is found in the water that forms at the mouth o (MORE)

How does an estuary form?

An estuary is the wide part of a river where it nears the sea. It can be formed by many reasons. One of them is rising sea levels. Due to higher sea levels, river valleys were (MORE)

What is the difference between a lagoon and an estuary?

A lagoon is a body of salt water separated from the deeper sea by a shallow or exposed barrier beach, sandbank, coral reef, or similar feature. An estuary is a partly enclo (MORE)

What is an example of an estuary?

"salt marsh" Well, the question is asking for an example of  an estuary, not the definition. You can find that in a dictionary.  An example would be the Mississippi River be (MORE)
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How are estuaries formed?

Estuaries are formed when freshwater from streams and rivers mix  with the seawater. The four types of estuaries are fjords, coastal  plain estuaries, tectonic estuaries and (MORE)