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What is an estuary?

An estuary is the mouth of a river or part of a river that is atsea level that has freshwater at low tides and salt water at hightides. They are usually enclosed and sometimes ( Full Answer )
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What are estuaries?

they are expanding tidal mouths of rivers Usually defined as where a river enters the sea, but a similar feature may be found much less commonly, on a lake shore. An Estuar ( Full Answer )
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Example of an estuary?

An estuary is an area where fresh water and salty ocean waters mix together. These areas may include bays, mouths of rivers, salt marshes, and lagoons . These brackish (salt ( Full Answer )
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Where are there estuaries?

Estuaries are found mainly along coastal regions, in the areas before a river(s) drain into the ocean.
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Why are estuaries such as the Estuary so important?

The Pamlico Estaurine System is the most important fish nurseryground on the U.S. Atlantic Coast. It carries lots of nutrients forphytoplankton. The plankton found can serve a ( Full Answer )
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Explain what estuaries are and why estuaries are important?

estuaries are places where it is half salt water and half fresh water it is important because salt water has more minerals and fresh water has more oxygen so it is kind of lik ( Full Answer )
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Why is estuary important?

In addition to providing economic, cultural and ecological benefitsto communities, estuaries deliver invaluable ecosystem services.Ecosystem services are fundamental life-supp ( Full Answer )
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What are estuaries plants?

The most widespread vegetation within estuaries are mangroves. Some examples of the mangroves that thrive in estuarine habitats are red mangroves, black mangroves, white mangr ( Full Answer )
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Why is an estuary called an estuary?

An estuary is the lower course of a river where the rivers currentmeets the sea's tide, there is a mixing of sea and salt water. Theword comes from Latin 'aestuarium' which me ( Full Answer )
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What is estuary?

The official definition for the word estuary is "the tidal mouth ofa large river, where the tide meets the stream."