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What miriceles did J esus perform?

Fed 5000 people with 5 loaves and 2 fish, turned water into wine, raised Lazarus from the dead, walked on water, etcetc
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What is the reference for J esus feeds a great crowd?

I belive tou are refering to the story in the bible, i forget what book but it tells of how jesus takes 5 fish and 3 loafs of bread and feed 10 thousand people, it shows how j (MORE)
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What does esu stand for in law enforcement?

There can be several meanings, but the most common is "Emergency Service Unit." In the New York Police Department, this is the unit that provides SWAT team-like services and p (MORE)
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What does the acronym ESU stand for?

The acronym ESU has a number of meanings. It is used to stand for 'Electronic Support Unit', 'Evolutionary Significant Unit', 'Electro-Static Unit' and 'Ethernet Switch Unit'. (MORE)
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What is the meaning of ESU?

The meaning of ESU of Western African origin is "born on Sunday" inAkan and it is a female name.