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How long is eternity?

Eternity is for ever and ever. It is absolutely endless in the most extreme meaning of the word. It doesn't really have a length, because it always has an infinite amount of t (MORE)

What is the color of eternity?

  Original research began on this subject in 1972 at Brigham Young University. Originally the color was thought to be a pale shad of green as this has been found to be a r (MORE)

What are the symbols of eternity?

There are lots of symbols of Eternity. One symbol could be a ring, or simply a circle, which goes on forever and has no end. O   Another commonly used symbol for eternity l (MORE)
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What are eternity rings for?

  An eternity ring refers to a couple's unending love for each other and may be given for a special anniversary, renewing your vows or truly, any time that a couple wants (MORE)

What is infinity divided by eternity?

keep it simple.Infinity divided in half is infinity.Infinity divided by anything is infinity so therefor anything with the word infinity equals infinity.U can cut infinity,tim (MORE)

What is the eternal sin?

It is the sin all humans are supposed to carry because of Adam disobeying God's will. (The correct term is Original sin not eternal sin) edit: If by eternal you mean unfor (MORE)

Is hate eternal satanic?

NO! The scary growling snarling vocals, the chaotic music, the album covers; Those suppose to be cool and appeal to ones who like dark, heavy music. Their lyrical themes are f (MORE)