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Where is eternal city?

In this world there is no such city as such. If you will talk about eternal then that would be the second life.
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How can you have eternal life?

Well, in the teachings of Jesus, it is definite that eternal life will come, it depends on which kind. Heaven or hell. Everyone is a sinner because of our true ancestors, Adam (MORE)

What are the symbols of eternity?

There are lots of symbols of Eternity. One symbol could be a ring, or simply a circle, which goes on forever and has no end. O   Another commonly used symbol for eternity l (MORE)

What is eternal?

Eternal means Forever. If you say, for instance, that you want to go to your friends house and live there eternally, it means that you want to live there literally forever. he (MORE)

Is the universe eternal?

An excellent question. Too bad there is no answer for it. Honestly, we don't know and may never know.
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What are eternal rewards?

God, through the Bible, has promised us many spiritual rewards, the crown of righteousness, the crown of life etc. are some of them.
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What is eternal development?

Since this was put in the Mormonism category, I assume you aretalking about what is usually called 'eternal progression'. Eternalprogression is the idea that we continue to le (MORE)