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What is ethanol?

Answer . Ethanol, also known as ethyl alcohol, drinking alcohol, or grainalcohol, is a flammable, colourless, slightly toxic chemicalcompound with a distinctive perfume-like ( Full Answer )
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What is the formula for ethanol?

Ethanol : CH 3 CH 2 OH,often abbreviated as C 2 H 5 OH or C 2 H 6 O
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What is in ethanol?

Ethanol is a flammable, colourless chemical compound with a slight smell, the best known use of ethanol is in alcoholic drinks used recreationaly. It is a member of a family o ( Full Answer )
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Is Ethanol stimulant?

no ethanol is a depressant on the central nervous system,thats why drunk people sometimes have problems co-ordinating there bodies to walk,talk etc
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Why there is no 100 ethanol?

most "absolute" ethanol used in the lab is 95% ethanol by volume,this is due to the fact the ethanol is very miscible with water so its difficult to remove all the water that ( Full Answer )
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What is acute ethanolism?

Acute ethanolism is another way of saying alcohol poisoning.Alcohol, when drunk to excess, becomes very toxic in the body whenthe body cannot disburse the alcohol fast enough. ( Full Answer )
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What is ethanol polarity?

it is polar due to the OH hydroxyl group. all alcohols are polar due to the polar OH group.
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How can ethanol be used?

Ethanol has two main uses. People drink it to become intoxicated (mildly or severely), and it can be added to gasoline to make a fuel called gasohol. It can also be used as ru ( Full Answer )
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What is ethanol boilingpoint?

The boiling point of Ethanol is 78.4 degrees celcius at 1atm (760mmHg) pressure. First answer by ID1367409993. Last edit by Karrie-anna
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What are ethanol?

Ethanol is an alcohol that is commonly found in alcoholic beverages. It is also called ethyl alcohol, and is a volatile, flammable, colorless liquid. C2H5OH is its chemical f ( Full Answer )