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What do ethics and ethical behavior have to do with finance?

Answer . Would you entrust your money to someone you thought was unethical? Would you risk heavy fines and possible jail time for skimming funds from a client?. People who (MORE)

What is ethical?

ethical: right and wrong; having to do with morals, values, and requiring a prescription for purchase.. sentence: new developments in medicine often lead to discussions of im (MORE)

What are ethics?

Ethics is abranch of philosophy which seeks to address questions aboutmorality; that is, about concepts such as good and bad, right andwrong, justice, and virtue. They are (MORE)

Why do you have ethics?

Decisions about what to do (or what not to do) or what to be (or what not to be) are unavoidable. We all make decisions all day long. The only question is whether or not to ex (MORE)

Example of ethics in business ethics?

There are a lot of ethical principles that applies to business. Afew of them includes honesty, integrity, loyalty, fairness, respectfor others, law abiding, commitment to exce (MORE)

What is will in ethics?

The word "will" in ethics refers to human free will, which is simply our ability to make decisions. It's important to praise or blame someone only when that person has an alt (MORE)

How is euthanasia ethical or non-ethical?

Most people agree that patients suffering from fatal or incurable diseases have the right to apply euthinasia! It's called "The Right to Die"... Huge numbers of cases has un (MORE)
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What is Ethicalism?

When the society is based on Ethics its called ethicalism. It has best of Capitalism and Socialism.