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Are personal and legal ethics distinct?

Personal and legal ethics are distinct. Legal ethics may require conduct inconsistent with one's personal ethics, which is the basis for a good deal of the criticism of the le (MORE)

Can an action be ethical but not legal?

Yes. We try to limit the ways that can happen by making good and  ethical laws, but there are going to be holes and exceptions  sometimes. Lots of our great literature explo (MORE)

What are the Ethics and legality of packet sniffing?

Packet sniffing as a legal activity is usually defined by the corporate or company policy. Most institutions will ban the activity unless your job role requires it. Outside of (MORE)

What is the difference between legal and ethical?

Legal refers to a set of rules that are written down, and what  everyone is forced to abide by. Ethical can mean different things  to different people, and is thought of as (MORE)

Is ethical hacking legal?

It is Legal if you use your Hacking Skills for Good Purposes & if you use it for your own / bad purposes then it is not Ethical. So, Ethical Hacking is always Legal
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What are examples of acts which are ethical but not legal?

  Feeding a hungry prisoner-of-war who has been sentenced to minimum rations. Feeding an alligator in Florida. An IRS agent purposely overlooking a costly tax error for a (MORE)

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