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What is the ethnicity of Philippines?

We have lots of ethnic groups in the Philippines, including indigenous and non-indigenous. The term Filipino is not really an "ethnicity" but an ethno-nationality. There are 1 (MORE)

What is ethnic design?

Ethnic designs are designs that are made by different cultures or a  group of people that are classified as belonging to that specific  group. Ethic designs can include clot (MORE)

What are the ethnicity of Chicago?

Chicago is an extremely diverse city. There are Chicagoans of Black, Mexican, Chinese, Irish, German, Italian, Swedish, English, Bulgarian, Romanian, Greek, Slovak, Lithuanian (MORE)

What are ethnic neighborhoods?

Ethnic neighborhoods are when people of the same culture are living  in the same area.   Ex: Little Italy and Chinatown in New York City.
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What is France's ethnicity?

86.8% WHITE/EUROPEAN 77.5% French, or French original WHITE groups 4.8% Iberian+Western European (3.6% Portuguese) 1.4% Southern+Baltic European 1.3% Northern+Scandinav (MORE)

What are ethnics of US?

White American 79% African American 12.8% Asian American 4.9% Native Americans 1% Hispanic 15% Mixed ethnicity 1.7% By 2050 Hispanics will be the majority ethnicit (MORE)

What is ethnicity?

A term that is used to refer to a wide variety of groups who might  share a language, historical origins, religion, nation state, or  cultural system.

What is the Ethnicity in Spain?

Spaniards are primarily Iberian people. The largest ethnic group in Spain are the Castilians. Castile was the kingdom that united Spain into one country, before that it was (MORE)

What is ethnic rhinoplasty?

Ethnic Rhinoplasty is a specialty cosmetic surgical procedure. Plastic surgeons strive to make the nose blend in asthetically with the rest of the face. Many ethnicities face (MORE)

What is Zendaya's ethnicity?

Despite all of the rumors she is African American and White yes no she is mixied with african and american Zendaya Coleman is half African American and half Dutch. Zendaya's f (MORE)