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What is ethylene?

Carbon and hydrogen . Ethylene is composed of carbon and hydrogen. It's molecular formula is C 2 H 4 . In the Lewis dot structure, the two carbons (C) are connected wit ( Full Answer )
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What is ethylene glycol?

Ethylene glycol (IUPAC name : ethane-1,2-diol; Chemical formula C 2 H 6 O 2 ) is an organic compound widely used as an automotive antifreeze and a precursor to polymers. In i ( Full Answer )
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What is the formula for ethylene?

The formula for ethylene is C 2 H 4 The carbons are linked by a double covalent bond: H 2 C=CH 2
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Is ethylene toxic?

from :. "Depending on the concentration, ethylene gas can cause a pleasant odor, euphoria, nausea , hyperglycemia ( Full Answer )
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What is the function of ethylene?

It depends upon process under consideration ethylene or ethene is an anaesthetic gas used in hospitals.
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Is ethylene saturated?

Ethene - to use the correct IUPAC name - is an alkene, with a double bond. This means that it is unsaturated..
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Is ethylene a stimulus?

no.........actually it is a natural plant hormone......plant hormones are of two types artificial and natural. ethylene helps in the ripening of fruits
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Is ethylene petroleum?

Ethylene is a petroleum product, but it's only one of many different hydrocarbons found in petroleum
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Why do you need ethylene?

Ethylene is needed because it is an important natural plant hormone, used in agriculture to force the ripening of fruits. It is widely used in chemical industry, and it's worl ( Full Answer )
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What are ethylene?

ethylene is a flammable compound found in gas form in nature. it isused as fruit ripening hormone