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Where did Berkshire Swine originate?

  Berkshire swine came from the area of Berk in England. See the related links for more facts about the breed.
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What kind of shoes are made by Etonic?

Etonic is a brand that manufactures a number of types of athletic shoes. Such types of athletic shoes include golf shoes, running shoes, and cross training shoes.
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How do you buy Berkshire Hathaway stock?

 Current Answer:  A lot has happened since the last time this was answered and now it is much easier and affordable to buy Berkshire Hathaway stock.    First, unders (MORE)

Does a 2003 Eton 50 have a rev limiter?

yes it does. If you take off the front grille you will see a black box(rectangualr in shape) held in place by a rubber band. Take the band off and you will see a green wire. (MORE)