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What is a college?

College is a place of higher learning for people that want to earn a degree in a certain profession. By going to college, it will give you more opportunities to succeed in the (MORE)

What colleges are in Daytona?

There are three main colleges/universities in Daytona Beach: Bethune-Cookman University, a private, historically black, strict, prestigious college focusing primarily on lib (MORE)

Is National college an accredited college?

"After reviewing the website for the National College and reading through their main information intending to lure students into applying to their school, I could not find any (MORE)

How do you get into electoral college?

To get into the electoral college, you must be "loyal" and a strong voter to a particular party. The party has to recognize that and invite you to the certain "party"'s events (MORE)

What are college courses?

They're courses that are harder than high school. Actually to be specific they are courses of higher education that you take to specify you knowledge in certain areas. So you (MORE)

Is Kaplan College an accredited college?

Kaplan College is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools. However, this is not the preferred accreditation for colleges and universities. T (MORE)

Is Woodfield College a real college?

It is an online college and online schools/colleges are real too. The procedure to run an online school or college is the same as it is for running a traditional school/colleg (MORE)

Does a 2003 Eton 50 have a rev limiter?

yes it does. If you take off the front grille you will see a black box(rectangualr in shape) held in place by a rubber band. Take the band off and you will see a green wire. (MORE)

What college is a college for inventing?

Almost any engineering college can help for inventing but  micatronics covers many branches of engineerings like computer  engineering, mechanical engineering, and electroni (MORE)

Is Dawson College a good college?

Compared to other english CEGEP's in Montreal, Dawson is an all-around good college. They excel at some programs, which are usually in competition with Vanier or John Abbott. (MORE)