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What is an Etrog?

Etrog is a type of citrus, considered one of the parents of lemons. it also has a religious significance to Jews on the holyday called "sucot"
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What do etrogs look like?

Etrogs look allot like lemons. They have a bit of brown on the top. They can also be called Citron.

What makes an etrog kosher?

An etrog (Hebrew: אֶתְרוֹג‎, a type of citrus fruit, usually pronounced "esrog") needs to be larger than a hen's egg, preferably large enough to f (MORE)

What are some good etrog recipes?

There are a selection of etrog recipes avaialble online (called "citron" in English), including etrog jam, etrog syrup, etrog cake, and etrog vodka. But I've read that etro (MORE)
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What do the lulav and etrog symbolise?

The lulav symbolizes our spine, and the etrog symbolizes our heart. In kabala, the lulav is the sephirah of Yesod, and the etrog is the sephirah of Malchut.