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Who owns etsy?

Etsy is a private company consisting of founders; Jared Tarbell Haim Schoppik Chris Maguire Robert Kalin Jared Tarbell Haim Schoppik Chris Maguire Robert Kali (MORE)

How does Etsy work?

It's a lot like Ebay. You have to pay some fee per month (I think) to post items you want to sell and you add the pictures and set a price etc. People can bid on your items/ b (MORE)

How do you sell your products on Etsy?

There are many aspects to making sales on Etsy, here are some tips to start getting your products out there and start raking in the money: Always sufficiently tag your items! (MORE)

What is Etsy? is a venue. people can buy and sell handmade and craft items and supplies for making things like jewelry or knitting related items...etc. using there "alc (MORE)
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Do you have to pay for an etsy page?

Member accounts on Etsy are free. You only pay to list items for sale and the fee is based on the type of item and the selling price. For more information, see the link in the (MORE)
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What is ETSI compliance?

European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) has specific  requirements for electronics devices that limit the amount of  electronic interference they can produce (MORE)