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Did Alyson Stoner ever had braces?

yes Alyson stoner did have braces at one time. You probably couldn't tell because they were edited out of pictures and her carrer didnt take off until they were gone
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What are Stoners?

Stoner's are people who smoke the illegal drug, marijuanna. It could be an example of a person using another drug, but is usually just someone influenced with weed. A person w (MORE)
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Is Alyson Stoner a tomboy?

yes she is and has been 4 years to 8 now she has decided to change it up a little now shes a girly girl.

Who is Alyson Stoner?

She is a nice girl she loves to play basketball, she has acted in lots of movies like Camp Rock and Alice upside down. She also does the voice of Isabella Garcia-Shapiro in Ph (MORE)

What is the answer to 20c plus 5 equals 5c plus 65?

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Why did Eugene Stoner create the M16?

Eugene Stoner invented the M16 because the military was looking for a reliable rifle. Eugene heard that and went to work on the rifle. The military loved it so they adopted th (MORE)