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Why was eugene debs admitted to a sanitarium?

My research shows that Debs checked himself in for stress. He was an old man by then, and his body was surely weakened by the previous years in prison. Also the sanitarium h (MORE)
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What did Wilson have in common with Roosevelt and debs?

Roosevelt supported government supervision of big business. Wilson  opposed all business monopolies, or trusts. Debs went even further.  He wanted the government to distribu (MORE)

Deb Shops Inc do you have a layaway?

Yes they have layaway at the store & you get 30 days to pick it up :) I'm not sure if they offer it online I don't think so.
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Who was Eugene Napoleon?

First his name wasnt Napoleon, it was Eugene de Beauharnais he was the son of a revolutionary general that was killed during the reign of terror. He first meet Napoleon has a (MORE)