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What is a Euglena?

They are part of the protists kingdom which are eukaryote Euglena are unicellular organisms. They are plant like and are autotrophs. They mostly live in freshwater.
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What is Euglena?

an euglena is an protistn it is classed as algae and there are 800 to 1000 species of Euglena.
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How does a euglena?

Euglena are microorganisms that appear green because of chlorophyll. They process sun and sugar to survive.
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What you euglena?

Although catigorized as an animal life question, a euglena is actually a protist. Euglenas are autotrophs (they contain chloraphyll and produce their own food) and are motile (MORE)

What are the traits of a euglena?

They are unicellular organisms posessing two flagella and a photoreceptor. Most of them have chloroplasts, and the plasma membrane is surrounded by a flexible layer (the pelic (MORE)

What is the taxonomy of euglena?

Domain: Eukaryota Kingdom: Protista Phylum: Euglenophycota Class: Euglenophyceae Order: Euglenales Family:Euglenaceae Genus:Euglena Euglena is a genus, and there are many dif (MORE)
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Does a euglena have cilia?

No euglena is not a ciliate. It is a flagellate. Euglena doesn't have cilia instead it has flagella for locomotion
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What is euglena oval?

This is a euglena, a type of protist. I have never heard of a euglena oval but under a microscope, euglena have an oval shape within them.

What is unique about the euglena?

The euglena is a protist, which already makes it pretty unique. The kingdom of Protista is called the "odds and ends kingdom" because it's just a kingdom for any eukaryote tha (MORE)