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Does a virus have eukaryotes?

thank makes no sence.. a eukaryote is a cell with a nucleus. technically a virus isn't even a cell... its just DNA/ rna in a protein coat. it cannot reproduce unless it has (MORE)
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What are eukaryotic cells?

Eukaryotic cells all have a nucleus. Eukaryotes are organisms that are multicellular, although there are some examples of single cellular eukaryotes. So eukaryotic cells can b (MORE)
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What are the simplest eukaryotes?

The simplest form of a eukaryote is the protist. Protists are tend  to be unicellular organisms that possess a few similar traits to  that of animals like movement and heter (MORE)
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What are enhancers in eukaryotes?

Sections of DNA which, when bound by particular proteins, increase transcription from a particular promoter. They can sometimes be many kilobases from the promoter in question (MORE)
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Do flatworms have eukaryotic?

Yes, flatworms, like all other multicellular organism are eukaryotic. Prokaryotes are cells that lack a nucleus and they are usually free living. It is true that prokaryotes l (MORE)