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What is the significance of the final scene in Euripides Medea?

At the end of Medea, Euripides ends it with a scene of  contradictions and conundrums. Unlike most tragedies, Medea  actually gets away with all the murders she has committe (MORE)

How may children does Medea from Euripides Medea had?

Medea has two children with Jason, both of whom she murders. In the course of the play, Medea also causes the deaths of Glauce, Jason's new bride, and Creon, the King of Corin (MORE)

What was Euripides famous for?

Euripides was the most intellectual poet of his time. He wrote many plays. He's known for reshaping the formal structure of Athenian tragedy by portraying strong female charac (MORE)

How did Euripides die?

Euripides died from being attacked by the Molossian in Macedonia.  Euripides was a Greek writer of tragedy and was third of the great  Greek tragedians.