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How and when did Euripides die?

Euripides died in 406 B.C. of old age. He was gtreat of writing plays and stuff he enjoyed eatting pudding with elephants at the stone park zoo. Josh Hutcherson is the HOTTEST (MORE)

How did Euripides die?

Euripides died from being attacked by the Molossian in Macedonia.Euripides was a Greek writer of tragedy and was third of the greatGreek tragedians.

What was Euripides famous for?

Euripides was the most intellectual poet of his time. He wrote many plays. He's known for reshaping the formal structure of Athenian tragedy by portraying strong female charac (MORE)

What are the plays of Euripides?

Tragedies . ) (438 BCE, second prize) . ) (431 BCE, third prize) . http://wiki.answ (MORE)

Did euripides ever marry?

Euripides was married twice, to Choerile and Melito, though sources disagree as to which woman he married first. He had three sons, and it is rumored that he also had a daught (MORE)

What did the Euripides do?

Born about 480 B.C., somewhere in the vicinity of Athens, Euripides, the son of Mnesarchides, was destined from the beginning to be a misunderstood poet. He presented his firs (MORE)
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Who was Euripides' patron?

King Archelaus I of Macedon was his last patron. Euripedes was from a very rich family, by the accounts, and would not have required a patron for financial reasons. However, n (MORE)