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What is euro zone?

Euro is the official currency of the European Union. However, some countries inside the EU, decided to keep their traditionnal money (UK sill use the Pound). The Euro zone (MORE)

Where is Euro?

The question is not where, but what is the Euro. The Euro is the single currency used by most members of the European Union (and by some non-EU countries). Currently the E (MORE)

In what denominations can you get Euros?

Coins:   * 2 Euros  * 1 Euro  * 50 cents  * 20 cents  * 10 cents  * 5 cents  * 2 cents  * 1 cent   Notes   * 500 Euros (not widely used)  * 200 Euros  * 100 (MORE)
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What is the Euro?

The Euro (symbol '€') is the single currency of The European Union.    It is the currency of 17 European Union members (Austria, Belgium,  Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, (MORE)

Who created the euro?

The euro's origins can be traced to a series of international agreements, beginning in 1978, which were made among the members of what was then called the European Community, (MORE)

What is euro-dollars?

There is no such thing as the 'Euro  dollar'.     The Euro (symbol €) is the common  currency sponsored by the EU. As of 2012, the following countries  use the (MORE)

What are Euros?

  The euro (currency sign: €; currency code: EUR) is the official currency of fifteen member states of the European Union (EU). The states, known collectively as the Eur (MORE)

What to Euro two Euro countries did not use the Euro?

A lot more than two countries in Europe do not use it. Europe  consists of over 50 countries. 28 of those countries are members of  an organisation called the European Union (MORE)