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How do you get euros?

If you are in a country which uses the Euro, you just go to your nearest cash machine and make a withdrawal. If you are not in a country which uses the Euro, you need to go (MORE)
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What is the Euro?

The Euro (symbol '€') is the single currency of The European Union. It is the currency of 17 European Union members (Austria, Belgium,Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, G (MORE)

What are Euros?

The euro (currency sign: €; currency code: EUR) is the official currency of fifteen member states of the European Union (EU). The states, known collectively as the Eurozo (MORE)

Why do you have the euro?

so we can buy stuff . if a drink cost a euro you would not like to break a 100 euro note . Well, sort of , but ... If you mean "Why are there euros instead of marks, fran (MORE)

What does a euro have on it?

It depends in which country it was minted. The front side has a 1 and a map of Europe on it, the back is country-specific. Despite the different design (per country) all Euros (MORE)

Where is Euro?

The question is not where, but what is the Euro . The Euro is the single currency used by most members of the European Union (and by some non-EU countries). Currently t (MORE)

Where can you get a euro?

Well, you can try Europe... But if you don't want to travel, you can try a currency exchange center (sometimes at the bank) and exchange whichever currency you use to euros.