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What if we did not have human rights?

well i don't understand completely what this means however i will try.... This is just what i think not what i know for sure.. If not one person had human rights there would (MORE)

What are human rights?

All men and women are equals as the citizens of a country. Their rights are provided by many constitutions, and are listed in the United Nations "Universal Declaration of huma (MORE)

What is European courts?

Two popular European courts are the European Court of Justice (ECJ)  and the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). The ECJ is located  in Luxembourg and the ECHR is located (MORE)

What are the functions of the European Court of Justice?

The European Court of Justice has four main functions.  1. National courts can request an interpretation of how EU law  should be applied in a certain country - this is call (MORE)

You have to testify in court what are your rights?

You can't be compelled to give evidence that would incriminate you. For instance, if you were asked if you had stolen something, you could refuse to answer if you had. Refusin (MORE)