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How was medieval European society organized socially economically militarily religiously?

Social: Europe was divided by the Feudal system. In which a majority of the population was unskilled workers, peasant or serfs and mostly worked in the fields, and contained a (MORE)

What is a forum online?

A forum is a place online where people can post things such as text, images, and occasionally video, and people can respond with similar content, answers/advice, and other thi (MORE)

What is this forum about?

It depends of the forum. Some forums are about animals, other --  about politics, etc. Also there is omnilogy forum and so on.
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What is meant by forum?

For online forum, it is usually a place where people gather to  discuss various topics and subjects.   Usually like-minded people can thus gather to discuss a common  to (MORE)

What is the forum about?

The forum on most sites is a place for users to talk to each other,  and often to talk to the people who run the site or the game that  the forum is about.    On Wiki (MORE)