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What eats snow petrels?

The main predator of the snow petrel is the South Polar Skua. The  South Polar Skua is a bird of prey. The Snow Petrel will hover  above the skua so that the skua cannot att (MORE)

What can you do about a storm?

Secure loose articles in pool area. If you have a pool blanket ensure it is entirely deployed. If unsure roll up blanket and remove roller to safer area with overcover fitted. (MORE)

What do Snow Petrels like to eat?

  At sea, snow petrel eat mainly fish, some cephalopods (squid), other molluscs, and euphausiids. They also feed on seal placenta and the carcasses of dead seals, whales a (MORE)

What climate do snow petrels live in?

  a wird one that has people dropping boms every nown and then   snow petrols are very dangerouse because they kill someone if they were pink. Help them conrol there an (MORE)
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What do you do after you beat Petrel in Pokemon HeartGold?

1st time: chase the murkrow to the generator 2nd time: go to the underground in goldenrod city. You'll see a mechanized door with a red light. Open it with the basement key (MORE)

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