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How long is seminary?

A seminary education can vary in length depending on the concentration or field of study. Most seminaries have their primary degree being Master of Divinity. While many semina (MORE)
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Is trinity theological seminary a legitimate seminary?

While Trinity currently lacks accreditation recognized by CHEA or the US DOE, there are many accredited seminaries that will accept their undergraduate and graduate degrees. (MORE)

Is Newburgh Seminary a Good Seminary?

Yes.    Newburgh Seminary is excellent.    I completed my Master's with Newburgh. There were eighteen classes  associated with the program.    Newburgh i (MORE)

Is Cambridge Theological Seminary a real seminary?

The University of Cambridge (UK) does have a Theological and Religious Studies program through Ridley Hall theological training college (seminary). However, Cambridge Theologi (MORE)

Are there free seminaries?

Yes . They ask for a free  will donation of any amount. You do not have to donate to  attend. It is online and inderdenominational.
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What was Jesuit seminary?

A Jesuit seminary is any seminary either run by Jesuit priests orrun for the training of Jesuit priests.
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