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What is Evangelist?

In the true-est sense, a classic Evangelist is one who "markets" or promotes their faith ie: tv evangelists - lets people know about it... however in recent technological t (MORE)

What is evangelists?

Evangelism is the Christian practice of preaching the Gospel of Jesus to both Christians (i.e. Orthodox and Catholics) or non-Christians. The intention of most evangeli (MORE)

Who was John the Evangelist?

Another answer from our community: John the Evangelist, along with his brother James, was one of the12 Apostles whom Jesus called to follow him. He was the son ofZebedee and (MORE)

What rhymes with evangelist?

ablest adjust amplest aptest artist august baldest ballast barest bassist biased biassed biggest blackest blandest blankest bleakest blindest blithest blondest bluest (MORE)

Who was Prisca the evangelist?

Prisca, also known as Priscilla, was one of the earliest evangelists of Jesus Christ. In the book of Acts, Prisca and her husband Aquila were among the Christian expelled f (MORE)

Who was an evangelist in The Bible?

The Greek word for evangelize (eu‧ag‧ge‧li′zo‧mai), (Hebrew(bis‧sar′), means "bring good news" (Isaiah 52:7)(Nahum 1:15) so, in the Bible, a (MORE)

Are Catholics evangelistic?

Catholics should be evanglistic, this is the very basis of theChristian faith; sadly, many are baptized who never understandtheir faith, this is something we are all responsib (MORE)

Was Titus an evangelist?

No, he was a Roman emperor. Even though the Jewish temple was destroyed under his invasion of Jerusalem, he more than likely never even heard of Jesus, Christianity, and he ce (MORE)