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Where is the land that Adam and Eve born in the bible?

Answer 1 The Bible does not claim that Adam or Eve were born, but rather that they were directly created in the Garden of Eden. Depending on what tradition being considered, (MORE)

Was Eve the first woman in the Bible?

Answer: No. Legend tells us that a female of unknown species (identified as Lillith in the Jewish tradition) was created earlier in Genesis from the dust of the Earth like (MORE)

What is the story of Eve in The Bible?

You should look in the Bible, at the beginning of Genisis. It wouldn't hurt to find out for yourself, because the Bible is fun to read!  Answer:  In the traditions of Judais (MORE)

In the Bible where did Adam and Eve live?

Answer  According to the biblical account, Adam and Eve were the first persons in creation and lived about 6,000 years ago, when the world was created. Before they ate the fo (MORE)

When was eve from the bible born?

Eve was born during the sixth creative period or day. The Bible says that she was made from a rib taken from Adam, but this is most likely symbolic. Some have said that due to (MORE)

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