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What is Everquest?

One of the most popular 1st Gen MMORPGS. AngelUnknown's Answer- It's a 3D World where you can pick your character, customize it, and battle. You can also Customize your charac (MORE)

What is Everquest 2?

Everquest 2 is a roleplaying game. You create characters and run around worlds. You build up your characters abilities and choose their side. (Evil, Good, or Neutral) You can (MORE)

EverQuest where to find enchanter spells?

Plane of Knowledge. often referred to as POK. in the center of POK there's a big Library. go in there and use your Find (Ctrl f) and look for your enchanter spells. Though the (MORE)
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What is the best class on everquest?

i think the ranger is. the bow abilities are pretty awesome. and its really fun. a warden is good to. u can root, heal , and smite.
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What year did EverQuest come out?

EverQuest is an online 3D fantasy game that was released in 1999. EverQuest earned numerous awards including the coveted "Game of the Year" award in 1999.
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Where can someone buy an everquest plat?

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