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Is the necronomicon in a library?

The necronomicon is not, strictly speaking, real. It was invented by H.P. Lovecraft, and used by other writers and filmmakers for creative purposes. However, there are several (MORE)

Is it libraries or library's?

It is libraries if you are talking about more than one library. It is library's if you are talking about something that belongs to one library, such as the library's entrance. (MORE)

Why is no food in the library?

Maybe librarians don't want any greasy hands touching the books __ Food and drink spilt on the books will cause damage. Damaged books have to be replaced. Replacing books b (MORE)

What is a special library?

A special library refers to libraries that are not national,  school, academic, or public libraries. Museum libraries, nonprofit  libraries, medical libraries, news librarie (MORE)
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What are plasmid libraries?

A plasmid is a piece of circular DNA. These plasmids are transformed into bacteria/yeast. A library is made by taking pieces of DNA (from a genomic DNA digest, or cDNA) and i (MORE)

Why I use a library?

I use the library for a peaceful place to do my homework and while I am their I know I am there for a purpose, so I am well motivated.
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What library is the best library in the world?

A library is to look up things like the history of Liverpool or if you found a book in the shop but its to much money you can go to the library and bowwow it. library's are mo (MORE)
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What is an everyman?

   An ordinary person  /  
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