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What do you do after you get an eviction notice?

Immediately contact the landlord to make payment arrangements. Most landlords will stop an eviction if a tenant will work in good faith to pay the rent due. If the landlord in (MORE)

How can you fix an eviction?

Depends what and when you are trying to fix it. If it's because rent wasn't paid, then pay it. If it's because the Tenant is breaking the lease or house rules in some other wa (MORE)

How can you clear your eviction?

Meet your obligations. So what is being demanded of you. If you are late on the rent, pay the rent. If you cannot do this, move out. If you mean a previous eviction is (MORE)

How do you evict tenants?

Laws vary from state to state. In general, assuming the tenant has broken a provision of their lease but is still paying rent, you must give the tenant a 30 days written notic (MORE)