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What is a stay of eviction?

A stay of eviction is a temporary hold on the eviction process that a court sometimes issues for some extraordinary reason. If a tenant is evicted, but there would be a substa (MORE)

How do you evict the nanny?

  If the nanny was living there, he or she could be considered a "tenant" whose "rent" was deducted from salary. Therefore, you would need to follow all local laws and reg (MORE)

How can a roommate evict you?

  Hope this helps   = =   = Evicting a Roommate =   Many people find themselves living with disagreeable roommates and need to find a way to end or change thei (MORE)
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How can you find if you have a eviction?

If you have experienced an eviction at some time in the past 7 years, more than likely it will appear on your credit report. You can obtain a copy of your credit report by con (MORE)

What is a sentence for eviction?

Hello, guys. Eviction is the removal of a tenant from rentalproperty by the landlord. The term eviction is the most commonlyused in communications between the landlord and ten (MORE)

How can you fix an eviction?

Depends what and when you are trying to fix it. If it's because rent wasn't paid, then pay it. If it's because the Tenant is breaking the lease or house rules in some other wa (MORE)

What can you do to stop an eviction?

The easiest way is to work out the issues with the landlord prior to court and having the landlord dismiss the case. Otherwise, the tenant will receive a letter with a court d (MORE)