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What is evolutionary heritage?

Evolutionary heritage means the history of life before the species being studied. For example, what sort of life came before humans, horses, birds and even fish. The progressi (MORE)
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How does a geographic barrier contribute to evolutionary change?

A geographic barrier eg mountain range, river, ocean, desert, can split a species into two populations which can no longer mix with each other. By splitting up a species into (MORE)

Why is a seed dormancy an evolutionary advantage?

  so it doesnt germinate in bad conditions and still preserve enough energy to germinate when the time is right, so to speak, also in keeps all the seeds from germinating (MORE)

Explain the goal of evolutionary classification?

The goal is to group together species in larger categories  reflecting the line of evolutionary descent rather than the species  overall similarities and differences. This i (MORE)

Is there an evolutionary advantage to twins?

The only coin evolution pays in is reproductive success. Having two children who leave no offspring would not give you an advantage over having one child who leaves many offsp (MORE)