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What is biology?

Biology is the study of science which deals with nature and living  things Community Answer 1    It is a branch of science that studies the nature of life from the  s (MORE)
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What is biology about?

Biology is the study of nature and living organisms. It is about  how living things work. Such as cell structure, DNA and meiosis.
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What is cleavage in developmental biology?

Cleavage is a period of extremely rapid cell division which is not accompanies by cell growth, i.e. it results in an increase is the number of cell but not the size of the cel (MORE)

What is Developmental Republicanism?

Developmental Republicanism cares about not to guarantee the private liberty of individuals, but in its ability to develop human potentials and to unleash the 'general will' a (MORE)
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What is a developmental checklist?

A developmental checklist helps you keep track of those developmental steps/tasks for your child, during the critical 18 years of live. And it helps you verify that your child (MORE)
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What are the developmental changes?

Developmental changes are the changes that occur naturally as  something develops. With children, for example, developmental  changes include the ability to get along with o (MORE)