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Who does evolutionism impact the most?

The important issue is that the Question does not ask aboutthe impact of evolution, but the impact of evolutionism."Evolutionism" is defined as the belief that evolution expla (MORE)

Evolutionism vs creationism?

There is no evolution vs creationism. Evolution, the change in allele frequency over time in a population of organisms, is an observed and observable fact. The theory of evolu (MORE)

Which is true creationism or evolutionism?

While it's scientifically impossible to say anything with 100% certainty, with 99.999% certainty, evolution by natural selection is the right answer. Look at evidence for evol (MORE)

What is moral evolutionism?

Moral evolutionism is an attempt to assign the natural changes that evolution brings to any situation, and apply them to Morality. This means that any set of rules that a soci (MORE)

What is evolutionism?

"Evolutionism" is a condescending term used by creationists or intelligent design supporters to suggest that evolution is only a belief system, or that it is somehow not scien (MORE)

Why do creationism and evolutionism of human nature meet a a certain point?

They don't. Creationism is an ideology that crosses many cultures and religions and has many unsupported statements about human nature; most of it dead wrong and some of it ju (MORE)

What are the beliefs of creationism and evolutionism?

Creationism is the Biblical belief the God created the worlds and all that are in them in six days, about 6000 yrs ago. Evolutionism stems from Charles Darwin's theory of t (MORE)

Is evolutionism racist?

No. Evolution is a scientific theory. It is not racist, but some Christans are against the teaching of evolution and believe in another theory called Creationism. Another P (MORE)